Laboratory of epidemiology and clinical cardiology

The laboratory is engaged in research targeted towards the improvement of cardiovascular health. Its activities are mainly expressed through the study of gender differences and prognosis of diseases belonging to the following thematic areas: Ischemic cardiopathy; Cardioncology; SARS-CoV2-related cardiovascular pathologies.

Research areas

  • Gender differences in risk factors (traditional and emerging) as well as in diagnostic and therapeutic processes and in the prognosis of acute and chronic ischemic cardiopathy.
  • Geographic differences and the prognostic implications for the diagnostic-therapeutic processes for cardiovascular diseases (with special focus on ischemic cardiopathy and SARS-CoV2-related cardiovascular diseases).
  • Physiopathology and treatment of acute and chronic coronary syndromes with angiographically free coronary arteries.
  • Progression and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases caused by COVID-19
  • Cardiovascular damage during antineoplastic therapies.
  • Clinical directors: clinical research methodology

The group’s work consists of every aspect of scientific production: from the design of clinical studies to the drafting of manuscripts, including the development and analysis of databases which facilitate improved clinical practice through the availability of populations of patients from the “real world”, rather than just patients enrolled in clinical trials.

The laboratory makes use of international collaborators in the fields of basic and clinical cardiology, of clinical-experimental investigations, and of advanced data-analysis and artificial-intelligence techniques.

Teaching activity

The laboratory is used for educational purposes primarily for the training of PhD students at the Università di Bologna. It is also used by undergraduates and volunteer doctors, for

writing the thesis and for acquiring useful clinical experience, respectively.

Training opportunities are organized for small groups as part of the Bachelor of Science in Medicine and Surgery, Nursing Science, and STAMPA. 

Instrumentation available:

  • ECG
  • Dynamic Holter ECG
  • Holter monitoring
  • Echocardiograph
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Computer and software for statistical analysis

Principal Investigator


Raffaele Bugiardini

PhD Student

Research fellow

Edina Cenko

Research fellow


Prof. Raffaele Bugiardini, team member

How to reach us

Department of Specialty, Diagnostic and Experimental Medicine