Uropathology and molecular pathology of genitourinary tumours

The group focuses on translational research with dignostic and predictive relapses in the field of genito-urinary tumors

Research areas

Histopathological , immunophenotypic, and molecular diagnosis of tumors of the prostate, kidney, bladder and upper urinary tract, testicle, and penis.

Research projects

  1.  Molecular characterization of new diagnostic entities for adult renal tumors using immunohistochemical and mutational panels
  2. Integrated immunophenotypic and molecular diagnosis of tumors of the upper urinary tract
  3. Non-HPV-related carcinogenesis of penile tumors: the role of the infammatory microclimate and its phenotypic characterization
  4. Predictive role of a homologous recombination deficit (and in general of DNA-repair systems) in advanced prostate tumors.

principal investigator



Tania Franceschini, resident physician, team member

Francesca Giunchi, AOU medical director, team member